The End Of The World….. As We Know It.

The current happenings in the world, the climate changes, war rumblings, deadly viruses, civil unrest, and sheer human stupidity has me up at night more often than not. I keep wondering about the First Man, the first to ever walk this Earth, was he more of an animal or is it today’s human that is more animalistic?

Where did it all begin?

Since my history is quiet crusty, i decided to time travel so to speak, to when the Earth was formed. It billions of years and god knows how many meteorite attacks for the Earth to have a climate friendly enough for the first life to grow. The water, carbon, iron, all of it came on a meteorite to our planet. The first life, bacteria, gave rise to oxygen. Slowly but surely, life flourished on this planet.

The flora and fauna of that time can even be called alien for all we know about it, as I have come to find out, due to high oxygen levels in the air as compared to water the animals and insects were huge in size. Then came the huge Siberian Traps erupted, killing much of the life on earth, then the “Snow Ball Earth” happened. Then came the dinosaurs, which basically ruled the world. They were much superior than the other species surviving the Ice Age. The animals that will later evolve into mammals were prey to these huge beasts. They ruled supreme and nothing, it would seem, would be able to dominate or challenge them.

Of course we know what happened next, after living on this planet for 165 million years, dinosaurs died about 66 million years ago, when an asteroid stopped by to visit. Then the mammals evolved, into monkeys, apes, then Homo erectus, then later on to us, Homo sapiens.

After finding this out, I realized that no matter over how a long a period, Earth is undergoing a constant change. From a ball of molten lava, to Snow Ball, to having quakes so huge that split its huge continent to pieces, to its current state. The Earth has always been undergoing changes, some from within itself, some from outer space and some, as we see today, man-made.

Where do Humans fit into this?

Humans in their arrogance and greed, have failed to grasp a simple concept: that they do not rule the Earth. Sure, as of right now, we are the dominant species, we are smart, able and most importantly clever enough to have survived this long. But we do not have invincibility, we are but a page in the History of the Universe. From studying the history of Earth, anyone can see the pattern. When equilibrium is threatened, the nature corrects it, in whatever means necessary.

If you go YouTube and search for Time Lapse of Future you will find countless videos explaining to you how the Earth will change and in a few billion years, die; but that is not our problem is it? After all a billion years in the future, we are not going to be here, let the future face it, at least in our timeline, we’ll be happily alive!

Well let me break it to you, we’ll be alive, but happily? Who knows. What we will do in the next few years to come will definitely be affecting the conditions on the Earth. Sure the planet may not implode or get destroyed, but will it even be livable? Will any life forms be surviving when Humans are done with it?

The pressure on the Earth is increasing too rapidly, something WILL give. Now that something can be Earth’s core causing all kinds of disasters, or another asteroid, or a man-made apocalypse, may that be Zombie, or a dangerous virus. Someday, humans will be include in the list of “Rare Animals that are almost Extinct” then they’ll die out.

The End..?

Of course, that is a long long time in the future, but it is something to think about isn’t it? In the end, our entire existence could be insignificant dot in time. After us, the planet will spin on, the Sun will burn on, the Universe will go on.

The world will not end, some super species will come forward, it will thrive and survive. But it will be the End of the World, the end of the World as WE know it…..


Travelling, a dream for many people, a wish, a desire to see the world around them. I am fortunate to have traveled quite a bit since my birth, as my parents love to travel, and have developed a love for travelling, myself. A quick weekend trip to a city I have always wanted to go, or a long, well-planned trip, we have always made time to squeeze in quick journeys for as long as I can remember.

Give me the long, straight road before me, 
A clear, cold day with a nipping air, 
Tall, bare trees to run on beside me, 
A heart that is light and free from care. 
Then let me go! – I care not whither 
My feet may lead, for my spirit shall be 
Free as the brook that flows to the river, 
Free as the river that flows to the sea. 
Olive Runner

The above poem titled Freedom by Olive Runner captures the feelings of every hodophile (lover of roads or travel) perfectly.

And as Paula Bendfeldt so beautifully says, Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.

Of course, everyone has their travel tales, I have several. But I want to share one of my most memorable one here today.

A rainy road

This trip was a few years ago, to a popular hill station very near to a big metro-city of my country. The city, and the surroundings we visited, has rich History, Culture and amazing, top notch cuisine; a classic tourist attraction we’d been to before, but as kids.

The true pleasure, my favorite part of the whole trip was the road travel from the city to the hill station, about 400 km away. The road, the scenery was exemplary but the cherry on top was the whether that day, like the nature’s gift. It rained for a while, long enough to wash away the dirt, leaving the world lush and looking untouched.

Deer o Deer

As we crossed the State border, we passed through a National Park. The animals grazing in the lush fields with the backdrop of beautiful greenery, was a sight to behold.

Baby elephants, seemed to be on a walk with their parents, and deers grazing in the fields, gave a sense of tranquility to the whole scenario.

Elephant Family

The winding roads took us curving around the towering mountains, to our destination, which was pretty unto itself, but that journey left a lasting mark on me. It not only made me not only stop and have fun, but also made me realize that even in life, it’s not always about the destination, the goal or the end result.

A Journey…

The journey to the it matters just as much, sometimes even more so, or the destination might not have as much impact. The pleasure and fun should be as much a part of your journey, as hardships or speed bumps, or you might lose sight of what’s the most important in your life – your own company, your own self.

Evenings and Sunsets

City of Gold

It was in the evening of random September day, when the Sun was so close to the horizon, its light hit the world around me in such a way, that it looked like a luminous city of gold.

Its was a kind of an evening, which suited everyone’s mood. You could go on a quick walk in the pleasant wind, or you could sit with a cup of coffee and your favorite book basking in the golden glow from the safety of your home.

The trees and leaves swaying in the cool breeze looked like they were covered with a shimmering gold sheet.

The buildings and houses looked like they were bathed in sweet, golden honey, looking like huge towers of syrup-drenched pancakes.

A dusting of clouds, completed the picture, making it the very example of a perfect evening.

“One day I’ll paint the perfect sunset–

if I can only find the words.”

Atticus Poetry (Love Her Wild)

The whole scene looked like it was taken out of someone’s imagination or a great painting.

This time off from the world has given me a great appreciation for the smaller things in life. A beautiful sunset with coffee is much more satisfying after all, than the same sunset barely visible as you are stuck in the traffic.